0219 Liner Compression Ultralight
0219 Liner Compression Ultralight

0219 Liner Compression Ultralight

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A hybrid of Sensory targeted compression and 12-28 mmHg graduated compression is essential performance and recovery equipment. A targeted cross support wraps ankle and sole to lend extra support to joints and ligaments by applying gentle pressure and stretch that energizes circulation and reduce swelling. Silver DryStat punctuates the protection formula with moisture management and anti-bacterial, odor-free properties.

• Elastic ankle arch cross support improves balance and stability to stand, sit or move as long as needed.
• Increases blood flow to reduce swelling, boost performance and lessen recovery time.
• Promotes postural alignment for joint support and skeletal equilibrium.
• Aids in post-trauma recovery.
• Wicks moisture and regulates temperature to keep feet dry.
• Inhibits bacteria and odor.
• Lightly padded for cushioning, spring and blister protection.

Fiber: 0219
75% Polypropylene DryStat®
15% Elastane Lycra
10% Polyamide Nylon