Technically Superior

Why Eurosocks Are So Much Better

Eurosocks™ Ski, Snowboard and Sport products are designed to perform. Every style is engineered with technical sport specific features and produced with highly researched fibers.
Regardless of the sport: Skiing, Snowboarding, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Court Sports or Golf, Eurosocks are unmatched in performance, fit, function and comfort. Italian creativity merges with technology generating innovation and maintaining a high-level quality.
A unique “socks line” is the result of this synergy.

Technically Superior

Elasticized ARCH BAND
The Elasticized Arch Band uses a patented diamond pattern knitting technique combined with Spandex and Technical Fibers to create a Dynamic Support Zone cradling the foot arch. This zone adjusts to different foot shapes to provide a custom fit, significant support and is wrinkle-free, thus reducing abrasion while increasing comfort. The arch band interfaces perfectly with custom insoles improving user performance.

Elasticized ANKLE BRACE
Used in all EUROSOCKS™ , the Elasticized Ankle Brace is made with specialized Spandex knits combined with sport specific Technical Fibers. This feature guarantees a perfect, wrinkle free fit around the ankle, supports the Achilles tendon and increases comfort.

EUROSOCKS™designs Flex Zones in all socks to accommodate skiing activities. They are made using specialized knits to assure fit and comfort while eliminating wrinkles. Designed to support Ski and Snowboard boots, special Flex Ribs eliminate shear forces and increase comfort in performance.

Styles designed for high aerobic activities have a Piquet Ventilation Knit where needed. This unique diamond knit works in conjunction with technical Moisture Management System Fibers to increase comfort and performance in several ways. The Interlocked Diamond Knit is elasticized mechanically to create a perfect fit. The Piquet Knit creates a Climate Control aeration to help evaporate perspiration. This aeration works to keep the foot and sock dry.

Every EUROSOCKS™ style is made considering anatomical needs. This sock is suitable for every level of skier because it is ergonomically shaped and strategically contoured, guaranteeing a perfect long-lasting, second skin fit without wrinkles, hot spots or pressure points, enhancing user performance.

All EUROSOCKS™ have finished Ribbed Cuffs tops. This feature insures a sock that stays up, fits comfortably and does not have a seam to cause pressure