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We bring together Spandex and sport-specific technical fibers with advanced knitting techniques – including our patented interlocked diamond pattern – to give you the ideal fit for the most challenging environments.


» We combine SPANDEX with MECHANICAL ELASTICIZED KNITS to create socks and calf sleeves that fit like a “second skin,” eliminating wrinkles, hot spots or pressure points. With “flexing” and “shape recovery” characteristics that enhance your performance.

» The ELASTICIZED ARCH BAND cradles your foot arch in a dynamic support zone that adjusts to different foot shapes, as well as custom insoles, to deliver custom fit and support. Wrinkle-free properties help reduce abrasion and enhance comfort.

» The ELASTICIZED ANKLE BRACE provides a perfect, wrinkle-free fit around the ankle, supports the Achilles tendon and increases the overall comfort of the sock.

» Designed for the most strenuous aerobic activities, the PIQUET VENTILATION KNIT is elasticized mechanically to fit right as it helps evaporate perspiration, and keep your feet cool and dry.

» Our Moisture Management System features VENTILATION RIBS on the bottom of the sock that transport moisture away from the sole of your foot.

» VENTILATION CHANNELS, located on both sides of the sock, connect with the Ventilation Ribs to transport moisture out of the sock and away from the foot and shoe.

» Our toe pocket closures use the LIN METHOD or ULTRA FLAT SEAMING. It creates an effectively seamless toe pocket that eliminates pressure points and shear forces for improved fit, function and comfort.

» ERGONOMIC PADDING in key areas matches your sport or lifestyle choice. The padding is consistently thick in the impact zones for exceptional cushioning, with bevels at the ends that transfer smoothly into the sock. We knit the padding from low to high densities, and place them in a channel pattern to increase ventilation and moisture management without bulk, wrinkling or restriction of movement. (Not available in Ultra Lightweight styles.)