Exclusive Fibers

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It’s one thing to make performance wear that fits and performs well. But a true breakthrough requires you to grasp the microenvironment where “flesh meets fiber.” Real performance is measured by how body, skin and metabolism react when tested by you and the elements.

That’s why we relentlessly pursue advanced materials – through partnerships with prestigious fiber companies, as well as by creating our own proprietary fibers, like SILVER DryStat® – that help create the ideal active body environment.

And just as you constantly challenge yourself to achieve new levels of performance, our scientists constantly seek the most comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly fibers available.

Exclusive Fibers used for Eurosock

Silver Dry Stat fiber will keep you dry and odor-free in the most extreme conditions. Since 1998, this proprietary process harnesses the naturally powerful properties of silver ions.

Silver DrySTAT

Stay dry and odor-free in the most extreme conditions. Since 1998, this proprietary process harnesses the naturally powerful properties of silver ions. Bacteria and mold
growth is inhibited by infusing silver threads into a core of environmentally low-impact polypropylene fiber that wicks away moisture and regulates foot temperature.

Micro Spreme

Engineered for an ultra-soft hand that feels weightless against the skin. This proprietary hollow-core micro denier acrylic fiber provides superior wicking and self-drying for all-season moisture management. Breathable always, feet stay cool and sweat-free in hot conditions and retain warmth in colder temperatures.


The Sensory knit system is an indispensable advance in performance and active recovery technology engineered from decades of experience. Visible elastic cross support structures stabilize key checkpoints in the body’s impact chain to stimulate balance and neural control during muscle movements. The results are peak gait performance, injury prevention and improved blood circulation.

Wool Supreme

Optimized engineering that blends the best of nature with technology.
The natural insulation, breathability and unshakeable elasticity properties of Merino wool meet the ultra-soft hand and all season moisture management of proprietary MicroSupreme® to net unsurpassed durability and comfort in a feather light formula.


Thermolite® is a hollow-core micro fiber made of Dacron Polyester, a thermally efficient polymer. This fiber traps warm air generated by body heat and wicks moisture away from the body 40% faster than cotton thus insuring the users are dry, warm and comfortable. When knit into a sock with technical features, the product is lightweight and extremely functional. Thermolite® is a registered trademark of DuPont.


CoolMax® is a Dacron Polyester hber that is renown in the world of athletics for its moisture management, wicking and drying capabilities. This special four~channel fiber has a unique structure that provides 20% more surface area than ordinary fibers. The result is that moisture is transported quickly, speeding the evaporation process and drying 70% faster than cotton. When knit into a sock with the correct weight, breathability and technical features, users enjoy the benehts of cool, dry feet, comfort and performance. CoolMax® is a registered trademark of DuPont.