0116 Ski Compression Plus
0116 Ski Compression Plus

0116 Ski Compression Plus

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Maximize the day’s performance with the support and recovery power of tested 12-20 mmHg graduated compression knit infused with Silver DryStat® fibers to keep feet dry, activated and warm in any temperature. Responsive, protective shin padding is added exactly where your boot flexes against the bone for ultimate comfort.

• Elastic ankle arch support improves balance and stability to stand, sit or move as long as needed.
• Increases blood flow to reduce swelling, boost performance and lessen recovery time.
• Promotes postural alignment for joint support and skeletal equilibrium.
• Aids in post-trauma recovery.
• Wicks moisture and regulates temperature to keep feet dry.
• Inhibits bacteria and odor.

Fiber: 0116
75% Polypropylene DryStat®
15% Elastane Lycra
10% Polyamide Nylon