Eurosock: Technically Superior

EUROSOCK™ is manufactured in Italy by Arcos, a company recognized worldwide for our research and creative innovation in the sock industry.

From our facility in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, we have a unique view of what it takes for our products to perform well.
Whether they're seen flying down Alpine slopes, pedaling up demanding switchbacks in the Giro d'Italia, running along the shore of Lake Como, or simply walking the narrow streets of Milan.

All these activities share a common thread: a demand for performance and quality.

Meeting that demand has been our sole focus since 1981, when a handful of dedicated employees began crafting socks designed to simply work better.
Today, many of those same employees continue with us on that journey, carefully weaving together modern materials and techniques with proven, Old World artistry to help you overcome any competitive landscape, and achieve exceptional results. One step at a time.

Made in Italy by ARCOS